“MePublic” Social Media Study: a global study on Social Media Youth of Volkswagen and MTV Networks.

The international study gives an insight into media use and value concepts among the group of 14-to 29-year-olds known as “digital natives”. As the study shows, the young people would also like to see networking extend to the car, a trend to which Volkswagen is responding to by developing various apps.

“With just under 500,000 fans on Facebook and over ten million visitors on YouTube since the company profile was set up at the end of 2008, Volkswagen already has one of the largest fan communities in the automotive industry. And together with our fans we are breaking new ground in the social web – as confirmed by the recent “App my Ride” competition where we gave prizes to the best developments for applications in car infotainment systems,” Luca de Meo, Volkswagen Group’s Marketing Head, said at the study presentation event.

The study confirms the intensive use of media by digital natives: 69 percent watch TV every day, 58 percent spend time on social networks on a daily basis. The 14-to 29- year-olds have the necessary equipment: 94 percent have a mobile phone, 92 percent a TV set and 75 percent an MP3 player. However, as the “MePublic” study shows, there are country-specific differences: In Japan, for example, 40 percent of the young people primarily use mobile access to their social network, while 57 percent in the USA use online sources prior to buying a car, only 38 percent do so in Japan. The young people there prefer to seek advice direct from the dealer.

MePublic” also defines six user types based on criteria such as frequency of use, motivation and goal: Crewsers, for example, use social networks as a place to meet up with friends. Funatics, on the other hand, are spectators. They like to observe, but are not very active themselves. The most active and most demanding user group is the Mediacs – technically literate, strongly committed and always on the lookout for something new.



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