Sorry you are a rockstar now! Toronto advertising community for AdBands

“Sorry you are a rockstar now! AdBands June 27th at Revival Bar”

Every year, for the past five years, the Toronto advertising community has put on AdBands, a night of music featuring bands made up of people in advertising. This year AdBands 6 is being promoted with promoted with “Rockstar Curse”, a tongue-in-cheek fantasy reminding that the June 17th gig could lead to glory and all the responsibilities that go with that. All proceeds from AdBands 6 go to The Tennyson Quance Foundation for Autism. The evening will include acts by Ape The Temp, White Spoonable Dressings, Your Mom says Hi and newcomers Spartacus, THE DAYOLDS and Beaver Feaver featuring a very sweaty Brian Williams of PosterBoy editing on bass guitar. See more on Facebook.


The Rockstar Curse ad was developed at john st., Toronto, by creative directors Stephen Jurisic and Angus Tucker, creatives Simon Bruyn and Andrew Livingston, agency producer Michelle Orlando,

Filming was shot by director Craig Brownrigg via Radke Film Group with executive producer Scott Mackenzie, director of photography Brett van Dyke and line producer Gillian Marr.

Editors were Stephen McGregor and Brian Williams at Posterboy. Online editing was done atCrush. Transfer was by Bill Ferwerda at Notch, Toronto.

Music by Eluvium (Matthew Cooper), was produced at Vapor.



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