Profumo di Mondiali di calcio? Godetevi un anticipo con Barbie foot

Blokes trying to get their girlfriend’s interested in ‘The Beautiful Game’ in time for the World Cup should look no further than this BARBIE-themed football table.

While many might joke that the likes of Didier ‘Barbie-tov’ and Francesco ‘Totty’ may be playing up front – this foosball table is actually a serious work of art.

The pink frilly world of the iconic doll has been fused with the masculine universe of table football by French designer Chloe Ruchon.

Called Barbie-Foot two teams of the popular doll spin their legs at the ball while keeping their fashionable locks in place.

The only thing missing is their arms, which have been replaced by poles, giving the dolls a zombie-like look… at least there will be no calls of handball.

The limited edition design, traditionally called Babyfoot in France, is on sale in stores in Paris – for a whopping £8,000, though that would be nothing to a Premiership WAG.

Chloe, 25, designed the girlie gimmick for her diploma while studying visual arts in Strasbourg.

She said: “It was a symbolic and powerful way to represent the contrast between males and females by associating them together.”

The idea is to create design that causes surprise, emotions and questions from the audience.”

I choose one object as the starting point and I transform its primary use. I like manipulating codes, diverting functions, mixing the references and connecting completely foreign worlds.”

The product was created in partnership with mattel brands consumer products
and babyfoot bonzini. ‘Barbiefoot’ was part of the DMY youngsters exhibition at DMY berlin design festival 09.

source: Newslite


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