Viral Brand Chart: how many views, how many shares there are in the net?

The big Hollywood studios have revealed their hands ahead of the summer Blockbuster season, with vampires, the eagerly awaited Iron Man 2 and made for the internet – Tron Legacy – all riding high in the chart. A humorous video from Paddy Power wheels in at 9 to become the most viewed branded sports video. Interestingly, small UK towns both feature in Walkers’ JLS-powered viral video and a Google ad for Street View – internet meme anyone?

Video Brand Views
1 New Chart Entry
THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE - Trailer :10 Preview Summit Entertainment 5,198,272
twitter 5,759
facebook 29,443
2 New Chart Entry
BMW S1000 RR. Dinner for RR. BMW 1,752,417
twitter 2839
facebook 19,514
3 New Chart Entry
Iron Man 2 Trailer 2 Paramount Pictures 1,987,718
twitter 1711
facebook 18,594
4 New Chart Entry
iPad TV Commercial - 2010 Oscars Apple 1,240,241
twitter 770
facebook 4,196
5 New Chart Entry
TRON LEGACY Official Trailer #2 Walt Disney Pictures 334,968
twitter 331
facebook 4,528
6 New Chart Entry
GTX 480 Unigine and 3D Vision Surround Demo (GF100) nVidia 363,391
twitter 159
facebook 291
7 New Chart Entry
Alice In Wonderland - Tick Tock TV Spot (HQ) Walt Disney Studios UK 464,321
twitter 15
facebook 267
8 New Chart Entry
JLS & Walkers make Sandwich more exciting Walkers 20,317
twitter 72
facebook 195
9 New Chart Entry
Banned Paddy Power Ad - 'Takeaway' Paddy Power 33,101
twitter 22
facebook 83
10 New Chart Entry
Street View around the UK Google 37,147
twitter 2
facebook 2

source: NewMediaAge



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