“Remember, brains perform best when hydrated”! Ingenious Ad commercial for Drench by CHI and Partners

A clever pet goldfish called Mr Memory is the star of a new TV ad and digital campaign for Britvic’s water brand Drench – watch the ad here.

The campaign launches during ‘Hollyoaks’ at 6:45 pm on Thursday with a 10-second teaser spot, which directs consumers to the Drench website, www.staydrenched.co.uk, where a longer version of the story can be found.

The TV work is supported by a digital campaign, created by Elvis, that includes an augmented reality game, which consumers can access using a goldfish printed on the bottle’s label.

By holding the goldfish up to a webcam, consumers will see a virtual fish tank appear on their computer screen, from which they can take part in a game where they must burst as many of Mr Memory’s bubbles as they can.

If the competitor manages to record a score of 60% or more they are entered into a draw to win prizes such as free lunch at Boots for three months or a free magazine subscription.

The competition will be also be backed by a radio campaign, which launches on 1 March.

The new campaign follows a series of high-profile TV ads created by CHI & Partners for Drench in recent years.

In 2008 it launched a spot featuring Thunderbirds’ Brains breakdancing to the song ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’, and followed this up last year with an ad that saw a cowboy riding a rodeo-pheasant.

Most recently, the brand rolled out an integrated campaign that featured four hamsters performing in a band called ‘The Clever Hamsters’.

The ad, which is part of a £5.5m integrated campaign created by CHI & Partners, sees the goldfish successfully navigate its way through a watery assault course, thanks to frequently being topped up by a bottle of Drench.

via Brandrepublic

The Team Behind the game is as follows:

Creative Director: Ben Clapp
Art Direction: Matthew Benney, Stuart ONeill, Seth Jones
Copy Writer: Ben Clapp, Seth Jones
Account / Project Management: Natasha Humphrey, Amelia Baerlein, Adam Knowles
Design: Jimmy Salermo, Linden Dance
Build: Adam Mustil, Plugin Media
User Experience: Farai Madzima



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