Macchè palle di Natale… quest’anno l’albero si addobba con i tweets! (by W3haus, Brazil)

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To make Christmas more present in people’s lives W3haus creates a special project on the web.

The goal is to use Twitter’s popularity and create a huge Christmas tree with thousands of tweets. “Instead of using traditional cards or even e-mails, we’ll let Internet users send holiday greetings to friends and family in Brazil and the world, in an easy and different way” says Tiago Ritter, Director of W3Haus. is a giant tree decorated with thousands of tweets from people from around the world. The tweets can be placed in different ways. Through Twitter, using the tag #myxmastweet or through, simply logging onto Twitter and typing the message. You can also send a message to a specific contact. The recipient will receive a mention message on Twitter stating that there is a holiday message for him in MyXmasTweet.

Advertising Agency: W3haus, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Creative Directors: Chico Baldini, Leo Prestes
Creation: André Jardim, Gabriel Schmitt
Art Director: Pablo de la Rocha e Vinicius Stein
Account Manager: Tiago Ritter
Motion/SoundFX: Matias Causa e Miguel Neves
Project Manager: Larissa Magrisso
Development: Alessandro Cauduro, Gustavo Allebrandt, Luiz Sordi
Published: December 2009



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